Friday, January 10, 2014

Thirty Days and Counting...

Happy New Year everyone!

It's been a while since we updated the blog.
We got so much work completed on the house including an automatic Garage Door opener, Blinds, Ceiling Fans...

We did get a nice Tiffany Platter from NVHomes as a Holidays gift just like other homeowners. Impressive.:)

The issues raised during the post settlement walk thru' have been addressed.
We didn't have to push them hard to complete the work. PM(s) quitting didn't seem to matter.

We had our 30 days walk through and found additional issues like caulking, chipped woods, doors not closing all the way, sink stopper not working, water not draining.....

The PM has fixed a date to address those defects. If they are all done, he's got our 10 for sure.

Meanwhile...we got a call from NVRM regarding an error in the HUD and how they can fix it if we send a check..
Shooo....Go away NVRM! Please don't call us if it  is going to give us stress headaches! Let us enjoy the home!

Good Luck to everyone building a house with NVHomes. Except for NVRM, we did have a good rapport with our SR and the PM(s).
Will keep you updated if anything exciting happens..
Enjoy your journey!


  1. Thank you for your overview and insight with NVR's process. My fiancé and I are having a Andrew Carnegie built in Virginia Manor in their second row. Our mortgage is brokered off to First Guarantee Mortgage for our desired program. We found your blog to be very informative as we are first-time home buyers. Thank you again.

  2. My fiance and I, too, are thinking about purchasing the Andrew Carnegie model. Do you have any thoughts on interior vs. end units? If you have an end unit, can you hear a lot of noise from neighboring units? Also, what options are you happy you purchased and what options do you wish you had purchased? I hope I didn't ask too many questions, but any insight you may have would be really appreciated! I have read your blog inside out and have found it to be a HUGE help. Hope you are enjoying your NV home!

  3. Thanks for reading my blog!
    We did not opt for an End Unit since End Units are about 40K higher than the interior units. On resale, you might not get back that amount. However , you get the extra grass/land in the end unit if that is something you are looking for.
    I regret not getting a Soaking Tub. We originally decided against it on the fear of losing some space in the Master Bedroom and not getting a bigger shower. We visited a neighbor’s house with a soaking tub and they do have a nice spacious shower. We really don't need that extra space in the MBR.
    Another thing is getting the hardwood floor in the dining room. Since we were planning on redoing the floors, we didn't opt for it. But now we feel that hardwood extension from the kitchen into the DR might give a clean look.
    We visited a neighbor's house with Berber Carpet on the basement and the floor was not that cold as in our house with standard carpet.
    However we are glad that we did not get the Fire Place since we would have lost at least 1 foot in the living room. We are happy with our choice of not choosing Bronze and dark color cabinets since we think it is just a passing fad.
    If you really like to compare options, the PM should be able to show you a similar house under construction.
    Good Luck!